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The yarn used in SKINWEAR products is a mixed blend of chitosan, bamboo, cotton, lycra and modal.

Chitosan is an excellent material because of its properties that are biocompatable, biodegradable, non-toxicity and excellent absorption. Chitosan is extracted from the exoskeletons of deep-sea crabs and other crustaceans. Identified by the eminent French scientist Henri Braconnot in 1811, Chitosan represents one of the greatest bio-technological discoveries of 19th century with an estimated 200 years of usage history.

It has now been extracted and spun into a blended yarn which can now be applied to textiles. At the Fabrick Lab we believe the chemical-free properties of chitosan has great potential for garments that are naturally kind to our skin. We have worked with the best suppliers who have created this yarn and we have brought it to a wider range of consumers for everyday use. 

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