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In Guizhou, we have built a permanent atelier in the village to allow a safe working environment for women to work and enabling them to regain control of their heritage craft. 

We are are proud of the fact that we are not a charity; we want the artisans heritage skills to be in operation, rather than seen as a tourist attraction. Therefore, we encourage a strong work ethic to inspire the artisans to keep their traditions alive and inspire future generations.

Our unique, transparent and traceable supply chain ensures that when our customers buy our products, they have assurance that their money is going directly towards supporting this sustainable ecosystem.


We want to inspire a future generation of women to regain pride in their heritage craft and learn the skills and techniques to enable them to keep their heritage alive.


Local craftsman have limited resources, meaning they have to be inventive with how they utilize the materials they can access. We believe there are hidden treasures within heritage craft techniques that are waiting to be utilized in new applications. Our textiles and products incorporate many of these locally harvested resources, such as indigo, soy beans, red beans.


We have built in-house facilities to improve safety and efficiency for the local artisans. 

This has created a communities for the artisans to work and live in. Artisans participating in the project are able to come and stay in the hub while they work, enabling villagers from non-local regions to be part of the project.

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