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Data-Art Installation with interactive light feature

3D printing, CNC Alloy, 3D knitted metallic textile sleeves, polymer, LED

HKEX Connect Hall, Hong Kong

Commissioned by HKEX Hong Kong Exchange, 2018

The Conversation is a real time interactive installation, reassembling the function of a traditional ticker in a new form and with new experiences. The Conversation was a commission by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to celebrate the newly renovated Connect Hall in Central, Hong Kong.


The three-dimensional sculpture utilises light to blink, dance and emote fluctuations in the real-time stock market activity.


The installation is created with a multi-disciplinary approach, it's a unique balance between the innovative making of the hardware using 3D printing, the use of CNC to create the bespoke shape of the metal core and the use of 3D knitted textile to create a seamless shell for the sculpture. By writing a bespoke program, The Conversation creates a live connection between the stock market and the sculpture, enabling visitors to identify the market performance by the directions of the LED lights performance.


Each of the 384 prongs are unique in shape and form. This therefore required the use of high-tech knitting technologies in order to construct a tailor-made, customised knitted coating to be designed for every prong.

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