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Hand tufted interactive carpet

Wool, Silk, Light reflective yarn, UV yarn, thermochromic yarn

Haw Par Mansion, (No.15A Tai Hang Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong)

Commissioned by Design Trust, 2019

Dancing Phoenix is a 6m wide featured carpet for ground floor main hall of Haw Par Mansion, one of the most important heritage sites in Hong Kong dating back to 1935. It has been transformed into a home for a new music foundation.

Hand crafted by TaiPing Carpet, the carpet brings back authenticity and time, through innovated yarn technologies, the phoenix comes alive responding to the immediate environment of the Haw Par Mansion and interaction of its surrounding. Each visitor’s personal journey is embedded within the carpet self through the key Chinese mythology figure Phoenix, as the carpet can be perceived differently from different angles, lighting levels, and distances, in different times of the day, and indoor temperatures. Considering the notion of time and the object’s relativity with the space itself, as well as Haw Paw Mansion re-purposing into a music foundation, the new carpet enables a personal journey within the space, just like music.

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