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UN/FOLD: A Stitch In Times Saves Nine

THE FABRICK LAB has spent the past year researching on Guizhou tradition textile craft, particularly in hand weaving and batik textiles.


After traveling to a few villages in Guizhou. By learning what these women want, their needs and what they are capable of, this gave us the opportunityto  start to think how to create a sustainable workflow of these craft skills. The project begins with some physical material experimentation. We have been designing weave, implementing old process with new and working with the local to make new textiles.


In the past year, designer Elaine Ng Yan Ling has started working on site with local female village craftsmen from Guizhou, South China to create low volume fine handmade woven fabric collection.  Other then fabric Elaine has also designing fashion accessories and furniture that is inspired by the culture textile heritages.



Textiles are traditionally made for ceremonies for the loved ones, the textile is passed on from one generation to another.




By finding new meanings, values, spaces and respect for traditional craft within the urban society, we can use design as a vehicle, to bridge traditional fabrication with urban application in order to save these Cultural Heritages .



This project is to create new opportunities to re-introduce a new way for low volume refined handmade production. It is also a means to remodel the fast-disappearing Minority craft skills to re-engage with urban consumers.



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